Off The Press

Off The Press

We recently produced this limited-edition book on the creative process and principles behind two award-winning film and youth culture magazines, Little White Lies and Huck.

Curious Iconic Craft is full of key insights and attention to detail, including: how to create a cover illustration, how to design a custom typeface, original sketches and behind-the-scenes work. The book was produced by Human After All, founded by the quartet which promises the high quality design values which their previous publications are associated with.

Print processes
The size of the publication is 245mm x 200mm portrait with 4pp outer cover, 4pp inner cover and 100pp text. The cover is soft touch laminated and gloss black foiled one side on Omnia 320gsm material. The inner cover is printed on Zeta Linen Brilliant White 150gsm.

The text pages on Omnia 150gsm are printed 4 colour process plus each section uses a special fluorescent ink. Additionally there is a Colorset Nero 170gsm section printed in PMS 877 and a Papago Green 160gsm paper for the 'learning section'.

The book is section sewn using black thread.

The book has been featured on It's Nice That, see the article here:

We recently produced 'Within', a 152ppbook created by Howard Tangye which was supported by the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Tangye is one of the most revered figures at Central Saint Martins and this is his first comprehensive book of illustrative work. The book is a portrait of the intimate relationship between the artist and his sitters and consists of 52 artworks created over the past 40 years. Photographs are by Kasia Bobula, text and essays by Marie McLoughlin (Dress historian at the University of Brighton) and Abraham Thomas (Curator at the V&A, London). The book was edited and designed by STSQ.

Print processes
The size of the publication is 305 x 206mm, portrait and with text sections printed on a combination of Omnia White 150gsm and Omnia Natural 150gsm from Fenner Paper. End papers are Peregrina Real Gold 120gsm with additional tip-in's on Tectonic Clear 150gsm. The 4pp case cover is on Atlantic Nights (FJ Ratchford Limited) over 3mm boards. The front, back and spine are all foil blocked. The text pages are printed in both single and 4 colour sections with Tectonic pages sewn in. GF Smith Peregrina Real Gold end papers, gold and green head and tail bands as well as three ribbons completed thisprestigious publication.

The book has been featured in Vogue, Bazaar, The Daily Telegraph, AnOther andIt's Nice That. See the article here:

60gsm: all sewn up
As one of a limited number of printers that can print on Fenner's Offenbach 60gsm, we recently printed 'The Marshes', a thread-sewn book of multiple paper stocks and special inks.

The Marshes is the first publication from Tartaruga Press: a collaboration between photographer Josh Lustig and writer Samuel Wright.

The book captures the gritty, industrial landscape of Hackney Marshes, Walthamstow and Leyton to the boundless countryside beyond through an unconventional design that lets the monochromatic photographs and writing interact and interweave throughout.

"Beautifully printed and bound, The Marshes is a wonderful example of a work that utilises print to the very best of its capabilities, bringing writer, photographer and designer together to make something uniquely tactile and extraordinary.
James Cartwright

Print processes
The size of the publication is 240 x 165mm portrait and is printed in various paper stocks from Fenners. The 4pp cover is silkscreen printed on Flora Avorio 240gsm, a 50% recycled paper with natural and deliberately visible inclusions and fibres that enrich the subject matter. The 52pp main section is printed on Shiro Echo, Bright White 120gsm (100% recycled) in single colour. There are two smaller insert sections, of 24pp and 28pp, printed on the ultra light Offenbach Bible 60gsm, printed in 2 colours, black and a special green. These sections are all bound in three hole sewn black thread.

There is also a single sheet loose leaf letterpress to accompany the book.

Repro skills at their best
All photography featured in the main sectionof the book was printed in single colour which meant we paid special attention to the halftone reproduction of the monochromatic images ensuring a consistent print finish throughout.

The book has also been featured on It's Nice That, so see our work showcased here go to

We've recently produced four projects all on a paper called Omnia. Its an unusual type of paper which can genuinely be described as a hybrid - it has the look and feel of a tactile uncoated paper but because the surface has been treated (a process called EST - Enhanced Surface Technology) the print result is more like that of a coated paper. Image reproduction is sharp and solids appear vibrant and even; not the result most people would expect with a 'toothy' uncoated paper.

Project photos
Top: Gardens by the Bay brochure
Design by Thomas.Matthews

Centre: H&B poster promo brochure
Design by Haime & Butler

Bottom left: Presence
Design by Ed Barber

Bottom right: Alexander Lewis brochure
Design by Alexander Lewis

Fenner paper have just released a blog about the Omnia paper and our brochure for the Gardens in the Bay. View the blog at:

If you'd like to receive samples of the Omnia range please email us at:

Designers that love the Omnia paper:

"Our brochure required a complicated fold format, and full ink coverage that remains true to the original poster designs. The Omnia paper has a tactile feel and is able to hold the strong, dense colours with ease."
Nikki Saunders
Creative Director, Haime & Butler

"The quality looks and feels great and I love that the colours really jump from the page."
Alexander Lewis

"Although the process of supplying imagery in RGB for print was unorthodox the digital handling and print reproduction by Jigsaw was exceptional. The whole journey, from quotation to sampling and delivery was an engaging collaborative process, achieved with the utmost professionalism."
David Grbac, Head of Creative

Nottingham Trent Fine Art
Degree show catalogues

A magnificent portfolio showcasing students work from the class of 2012. Optimising B1 production the book is produced to a size of 170mm x 120mm, with two 8 page sections front and back printed on a 170gsm Cyclus, and twelve 16 page sections printed on a 115gsm Cyclus offset.

Using our bespoke RGB conversions for colour optimisation on the materials selected we have achieved excellent colour results.

The project is bound with exposed thread and by introducing a graduating colour on the outer pages of each section as well as some clever typography on both the fore edge and foot trims an interesting result is achieved!

Another fantastic project for our to view some more!

!!!! Newsflash !!!!
We were so thrilled with the amount of stunning projects that we have done in the last twelve months that we decided to enter a selection of brochures for the highly prestigious national PrintWeek Awards... and guess what...we have been nominated as finalists. We look forward to celebrating the awards in October and to being crowned as the winners!

Don't spend your valuable time converting RGB images to CMYK for your print projects.

Don't be disappointed ever again in a job that looked so vibrant on screen, yet turned out flat and dull on the printed paper stock.

We can take complete control and care in the colour management and profiles of each and every job.

Colour conversion
On average 25% of colour detail is lost when you convert an image from RGB to CMYK. That's why we'd prefer it if you included the original RGB image file in your artwork. Not only does this save you time, it means we can ensure we create a profile that enables each image to have maximum colour output.

Colour profiles
Have you ever wondered what those prompts in Photoshop mean when opening a new image and ask 'Do you want to colour manage this profile?'. Don't even worry about it as we can take care of all this for you. Just for background info, and to get a little bit techie - Creative Suite, for example, uses a the defaultcolour profile for US SWOP Coated (ring any bells?!). This is a standard setting for 'Specification for Web Offset Print' in the US. Not much help when you want to print a litho job on uncoated paper in the UK!

Using the correct colour profiles for the right paper stocks can make all the difference and that's where our expertise comes to the fore. Not only do we have pre-set colour profiles for specific paper stocks - from gloss, silk and matt to uncoated - we can also createbespoke colour profiles for your jobs to ensure that images are clearer, sharper and enhance every detail, especially in darker areas.

Why we're the experts
Our team have years of experience in the trade from root level upwards. In the 'good old days' of transparencies it was the job of the repro department to scan in the images and colour correct each one by expert eye - matching to the original film. Nowadays images are usually supplied as RGB digitalfiles, but we can use our eye for detail and expertise in the same way - as long as we have the original file.

We have built up, and are constantly updating, our database of colour profiles for different paper stocks and are happy to share these with you. You can choose to install our pre-set profiles into your Photoshop library, or we can create a bespoke profile for you if you havespecific requirements or many projects forone client that you need for consistency.

There's more...
We're always happy to explain these processes in person and in more detail andcan get as technical about it as you can handle! If you'd like to see examples ordiscuss your requirements then pleasecall or email us and we can arrange a meeting.


April 2012
A year-long campaign for Artangel has involved marketing materials such as brochures, postcards, private view cards and a brand book - all with different processes including die cutting, foiling and debossing.

We are often involved from concept through to completion with projects such as this. We believe that by working in this way we can deliver strong solutions, advise on materials and processes and, critically, optimise on budgets.


December 2011
Die cutting, foiling and deboss processes were all employed across a range of materials such as brochures, postcards, and private view cards - part of the rebrand project for Artangel.


December 2011
Leather bound book with inlaid ribbons and embossed front cover with eight foils.

Four Seasons

November 2011
Short run, lavish, case bound hotel portfolios with foils, UV varnishes, laminates and embossing.

Le Meridien

October 2011
Brochure with metallic ink and high gloss stock to reflect this prestigious hotel.

Nash Mills Wharf

August 2011
A residential property development marketing brochure that is finished with clear foiling to highlight graphic pattern.

Aero Cruiser

February 2011
Bespoke ribbons, soft touch laminates and high build UV varnish enhance this invitation to view!


March 2010
Monitors, wires and workstations - beautiful ergonomic designs for the modern workspace, all explained within this brochure.

Plincke Architects

February 2010
Portfolio and sales brochure using Paperback Cairn Multi Kraft and white foiling.


May 2000
Pre-sales marketing pack for a new private members club.

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